Monday, July 28, 2014


Life is good here in Cozumel! Everything's pretty chill here. Its kind of like Tizimin (a small city) and Cancun mixed because of the touristy stuff. I got to see the beach and come in on a ferry, but we live probably an hour away walking distance. My plan is to find a new house close to the beach so we can run on it every morning. That would be sweet! My new comp Elder Ramirez was on an island called Isla Mujeresand that's what he did while there. I'm finding out that the special change wasn't just for one reason. President changed three of us and every single one of us and our companions needed it for their own special reason. Its kind of crazy to see how perfect God works to help us all learn from each other and have a special opportunities to serve. My reason has to do with strengthening the ward here so that the Seventy, Elder de Hoyo's prophecy can come true; meaning growing to three wards here instead of two in the next 5 months. It's going to be hard, but of course with faith and works everything is possible. So here we go!

Court Wedding
All of my mission I have been trying to get people married so that they could get baptized and it finally happened! Ha I wasn't here to help very much but Tenayri and Bryan (a young 19 year old couple with a baby) got married on Thursday! AND the wife, Tenayri, got baptized the same day! How cool is that?! I got to teach Tenayri her last lessons and she's way motivated to make it to the temple with her little family. In the process we met Bryan's inactive mom and she's now excited to get back to church too! This place is awesome. We have another baptism lined up for two weeks from now and there's a surprise which I'm keeping a secret until next week.
Baptism for Tenayri!
Have a good week everyone! Read your scriptures!

       Elder Shurtliff

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