Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This week has been awesome because it really gave me a smack in the face of how hard I have to work right now.


Elder Oliver and I really have to work hard this week because our ward is in a crucial state right now. President just gave me a pep talk that made me realize even more how important we are in helping our ward AND STAKE stay alive. Leaders are literally counting on us to get the work going and working together with the members do what the Lord has visioned for Cancun. We had a meeting yesterday with a Seventy that got me pumped and I know that I'm going to work the hardest I have ever worked in my whole mission. Please keep the prayers coming to me, Elder Oliver, and the Maya ward! Gracias! 
Last week we got to go to Tulum where theres lots of ancient Mayan temples. We learned a lot about the dangers of idols and got to see the  beach! Best day ever!

SHOUT OUT TO THE FULTON FAMILY! They sent me a package with pretty much my top favorite things. jellybeans, reeses puffs and peanut butter! GRACIAS I love the ties and drawings too. I love you all!!!

Me and Elder Oh
       Elder Shurtliff

Monday, May 19, 2014


Water Balloon fun
Hola amigos! Its raining today and we are going to visit an awesome touristy site! Woohoo! I'll send pics.
Elder Oliver and I are working on finding to people to teach with the members. The other day an awesome sister took us to go see her neighbor friends and we set dates with both of them to share a message, but when we went back they either said no thanks or they weren't even there. Oh well! We have to work more on finding people in the street. Elder Oliver hates talking to people in the street, but I tell him to point out the people I can talk to because he can spot the ones that look like they would listen. So he picks them out and I talk to them ha. We make a good team! We are working better with the members too now and they like coming with us. It's just a little hard with their schedules, but it's all worth it in the end because the lessons go so much smoother and the members get a whiff of the missionary spirit.
SHOUT OUTS for my big bro Travis who turns a quarter century old TODAY! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!

Go out and share the good news everyone! CHRIST LIVES AND PAID FOR OUR SINS!!

       Elder Shurtliff

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Singing praises to moms
Happy belated Mother's Day everyone! I got to talk to the best mom in the world yesterday with Skype! I know that thou shalt not covet, but you can be a little jealous ha. I finally got to explain to her what the Mother's Day card that I sent her last year really meant, because it was in Spanish haha.
President gave us an awesome talk from Elder Eyring in October 2003. I invite everyone to read that talk because its the true essence and "secret" to successful missionary work. It helped me see how natural it should be for all true disciples of Christ. In this week I have tried hard not to ever pressure anyone, but rather listen and teach with love. Transfers are today and President told me again that the Lord wants me to stay with Elder Oliver, because I'm "helping him to be a missionary". I'm honored with that heaven sent calling! We are going to do awesome this transfer I know it.
Transfer day! Here are all the sons and daughters arriving in Cancun from the MTC.
Yesterday I gave a talk in church after being asked to talk twice before but never was able to talk because the people before me took all the time. (Typical Mexican ward ha). I talked about the 8th chapter from the Teachings of President Joseph Fielding Smith, The Kingdom of God. I finally fully realized what that last paragraph means from the introduccion of the Book of Mormon. I have a testimony that we are truly in God's Kingdom here on Earth. The Church is directed by Christ and all of our leaders are called by our Loving Heavenly Father. 
Mother's Day- They didn't have money for real flowers so they made flowers out of felt.
SHOUT OUTS! My little big brother turns 18 today?! Crazy! He and I are going to college together next semester! Elder Hussey also turned 21 on May 10th! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!! ALSO! Congrats to the newlyweds Mr. and Ms. Lisman! (My cousins Steph and Blake!) Always remember to pray everyday together!

Have a great week everyone!

       Elder Shurtliff

Costco  Dogs for Sister Garcia and her comp. from Costa Rica

Costco dogs for me and Elder Oliver
We went to Costco and I scored these awesome strawberries!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I don't know much about cinco de mayo but I know that it had to do with a war in the state of Puebla. Anyways ha this morning we celebrated by going to COSTCO. I would send pics, but this computer doesn't want any of it so I'll have to wait til next week. 
I told President that I wanted to go back a month early for school. I heard and read a lot of good reasons to extend or not, but in the end I want a head start on my life mission! I know I'm going to miss the mission and it will be hard to go straight to school, but I'm way too excited for my future. I'm going to have to pretty much go with the missionaries in Cedar City for a month to adapt better ha. 
Yesterday we had an awesome devotional about the archeology of the Book of Mormon in Mexico. Nephites are Mayans! I don't remember a lot, but all I know is that I need to pay more atention to the cultural parts of the Book of Mormon too. I'm psyched to come back as a tourist.

I hope all of the "madres" have the best Mothers Day ever on Sunday! I know my mom will because I'll be skyping her!
Even the moms of the 2000 stripling warriors knew everything.

And shout out to my cuz Stephanie and my soon to be cuz-in-law Blake! What an awesome step in beginning your forever family! Congratulations! 
Have a great week everyone!

       Elder Shurtliff