Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It was an awesome week here in Cancun! Elder Hernandez and I are doing awesome working with the most excitement in the world! It really takes up our energy too because we are dead tired by the time we get home. The huge blister I have pretty much makes me walk with a limp haha. We have a lot of walking to do! We have a ton of people to teach, but pretty much all of them have to get married ha. They are all really excited though to have an eternal family. With that goal in mind, nothing is going to stop them!

 Oh and I forgot to mention that last week when I had my first week back in the same church as my Bonampak ward I got welcomed by one of my favorite families. Leti already went to the temple for baptisms and the sister that I was getting ready for baptism for 3 months got married and baptized! They looked soooooo happy!
chile amigos americanos with Elder Cornia (from BINGHAM)
Yesterday was daylight savings time but since we are cut off from the world we woke up a hour early and brought an investigator to church a hour and a half early haha. We sent her to the other wards Relief Society and then went to the three hours of her own ward ha. It was pretty funny, but it hurts me to know I passed up a free hour of sleep.

SHOUT OUTS for my buddy Glen whose birthday was the 22nd! My mom, Travis, Baby Prez, and Kenzie sent me the best package complete with hot cheetos and sour patch melons! AND CONGRATS TO MY COUSIN STEPH WHO GOT ENGAGED!

One more thing! I'm making my blog a little more safe by making it private. So tell my mom if you still want to be spiritually inspired every week!
Mosiah 16:9- READ IT

HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE. I'm going to make a jack-o-lantern now! BYE

       Elder Adam Shurtliff

Monday, October 21, 2013


This week might have been the fastest week of my mission! My area is ginormous, but the people here are so awesome! More than half of them just have to get married already! It's no problem though for the Holy Ghost. Been there done that! I already have good relationships with a bunch of them. I feel like there isn't really an awkward getting to know each other stage anymore like there was before. 
Elder Hernandez and I are doing really good together. He and lots of the people here have a hard time understanding me though for my accent ha so I'll be working hard on my Spanish.
My mission President told me that there's a reason I'm back here and that it's my job to find out what it is and to get Elder Hernandez excited and ready to work!

Oh and I forgot to tell you about the church open house that we had two weeks ago in Espita! (a tiny village) It was so great to see how excited the members were to get an actual church building and I got to invite people in from the street! Yesterday was my first primary program in Mexico! Kids are fun to watch no matter where you are in the world!

SHOUT OUT for my Grandma Due, Nicole Wills, AND SaraHenretty for my awesome letters and cards!

I love you all! 3 Nephi 13 is rocking my world right now! It's the best!
       Elder Adam Shurtliff

Monday, October 14, 2013


Yup that's right! I'm back in Cancun! I'm in a new ward but in the same building as my last area in Cancun so I'm excited to see what happened with the investigators I was teaching three months ago. To tell the truth I'm a little bummed that I didn't get to train this transfer and that I'm leaving my little city, but I know that the transfers are inspired by God. In every area I have served in I have seen my personal testimony and character grow and progress so I know that being here is going to help me even more. My new comp is Elder Hernandez who has like ten months and so it will be my first time as senior comp. It doesn't really make a huge difference but I'm excited to get working. He's from Puebla, Mexico but he's just as white as me ha. Sorry I didn't bring my camera memory card again so there are no pics but I have a ton of good ones to send. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the fresh fall weather and are studying up on their General Conference! We listen to the talks in the house on my little speaker and I love it!
Scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 9 I can't remember exactly which part but I just read it on the long bus ride and its SWEET!

I love you all mis amigos!
       Elder Shurtliff

Monday, October 7, 2013


Ha. Yes it was indeed a glorious conference weekend! Ha I really have received a new appreciation for General Conference on my mission and now every time feels different. It probably has to do with where I am, who I'm teaching, and my own conversion. I loved being able to actually watch in Spanish on the big screen in our church with all my investigators and members. One awesome experience I had was watching the face of one of my investigators that learns really slowly. When he feels the Spirit he has the best smile and kind of a glow about him. I saw this in him while he watched the Prophet talk during the Sunday morning session. I asked him if simply if he liked it and he said in the best way, "siiii!" Ha it was pretty sweet. It was also awesome to see our investigators from Chemax travel to see every session. Every session had at least 3 investigators minus Priesthood. It was SWEET! Ha I really want to share what I learned, but I'll just say that my favorites Elder Holland, Bednar, and Scott never disappoint and the one from the Seventy that talked about teaching. That's some good stuff!

Scripture of the week: Mosiah 5:7-10
Have a good week everybody! Now it's time to put all you have learned into practice!

       Elder Adam Shurtliff