Monday, March 25, 2013

Hola Amigos!

 The trio is really different and is hard at times to make sure everybody agrees on planning and gets the same amount of time to teach in the lessons, but I'm learning to be more humble and flexible because of it. Elder Reyes has the same amount of time in the mission as me, but has been in the field longer because he was only in the MTC for three weeks so we are a couple of noobs when Elder Cromwell leaves next week. Its going to be challenging, but I'm up for it and ready to have a comp that might not leave me so soon this time ha.

So last night we had an Easter activity for our ward that us missionaries planned which was awesome because we painted eggs, had an Easter egg hunt, and taught about the Atonement. I was pretty much in charge of it too, being part of my training, and it was a lot of work to plan and get everything going. It went really well and I could tell everyone liked learning about our American traditions for Easter and to learn about all the symbolism of the eggs and stuff. I really feel like everyone felt the Spirit. We can always learn more about the Atonement and remember the sacrifice our Savior Jesus Christ made for us so we can return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father and our families forever.
I'll send pics of the activity next week!
SHOUT OUT for Miss Sarahenretty for her two letters this week! YOU DA BEST
BIG NEWS I can now write more than just family by email now so send me all your email addresses! (

Mom here: I will add Adam’s email address to the sidebar as soon as I remember his login so I can make the change. Feel free to send him emails. He has specified that he doesn’t have email addresses for Lyn, Mitch, Landon, Natalie, and Tommy.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1.  He can only check email on Mondays. He has a very limited amount of time on the computer and with the email he receives, he will likely only get to scan quickly and make a very quick reply. Because of this, he may miss things that you say and won’t adequately respond to your questions. (Speaking from experience on this one.)
  2. Snail mail and dearelders are still needed. He will be able to review/refer to these hard copy letters throughout the week. The will lift him when he’s having a hard day and may provide needed inspiration.
And Sarah, you’d better watch out, he warns that your email may explode.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I dedicate this blog to the best dog in the world, Rascal, who passed away this week. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!
 Like I say every week, this week flew! My comp had to go to a couple meetings this week so I got to do divisions with another American that has the same amount of experience as me. For a couple days we were running around Mexico, trying to find houses, and speak Spanish by ourselves. Ha. By the end of the day we were dead tired and proud of ourselves so we ordered a pizza. I love teaching with other missionaries so I can see their unique teaching styles and we can learn from each other.
 So they don't have most of the American holidays here, but I have fun trying to explain all of our American traditions to the members here ha. 

Things were going really well with me and my comp until we had our biggest fight yet, which felt like it came out of nowhere. Ha. Let's just say we let out a lot of steam at each other, but now that its over I think we are as good as ever. Funny how things work out sometimes. Today we got a new addition to our companionship too since transfers were yesterday. Elder Reyes from D.F. Mexico is our new comp and so we are going to be in a trio until Hermano C. leaves. Ha. It's going to be different, but I'm up for it.

SHOUT OUTS for my mom and THE Sarah Henretty because I finally got their amazing package which made all of the other missionaries really jealous. made them break one of the Ten Commandments soooo HOW COULD YOU?! Haha Thank you! ALSO, SHOUT OUT for Mr. Tommy Gilmore for sending me a letter that I got this week! Woohoo! Thanks bud! I'm trying my best to write everyone back as soon as I can. OH and for my brother Aaron for writing me his first email.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog! I included some pics on request from my dad so everyone could see more views of Mexico like one of the many Tortillerias and little stores around the city.
          Elder Adam Shurtliff

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This week...

The back of the Patriarch's bakery
HI everyone! so funny story, I get back from a long bus trip from Merida one day and my comp tells me we are at war with North Korea...WHAT? Ha whats going on? I dont have a lot of time this week, but something cool that happened is we had our Stake Conference, but I'll talk about that next week.

My comp and I are doing a lot better. Its kinda weird to me how we can have a big argument and then ten minutes later we are studying and teaching the Gospel like it never happened. Thats the power of the Spirit! Of course we shouldnt be arguing in the first place, but we are both pretty stubborn. ha Let's just say I'm learning a lot more patience and humility. I know having him as a companion is a challenge, but it's an even greater blessing. He's got just about three weeks left and I'm hoping I actually get a comp that stays with me a little while longer than a transfer before I start training.

We are making a lot of progress in our ward and helping out a lot of less active members trying to find references. Almost every inactive member I teach misses the church and having the Spirit in their lives, but they just need that special motivation to spark their will to return. Thats where the members come in. So make sure you are always looking for ways to help out the less active members in your ward, because you could be an answer to their prayer.

Stay safe from North Koreans!

Elder Shurtliff

Elders from my MTC district that I ran into

Mom here: Just a note for you in case you are sending Adam a package and don't know what food treats he likes. He doesn't have peanut butter in Mexico. He wouldn't mind honey roasted peanuts or trail mix (we usually buy the Mountain Trail Mix from Walmart). He is missing Reeses Puffs too. Mexico chocolate is very different from what we are used to and is missing snickers or other chocolate candy, but I must warn you that customs has chocolate on their "not allowed to send" list. When asking other Mexico moms about it, it seems that most have sent it anyway and listed it on the customs form as 'confections'. All has arrived safely and no missionaries have done time in Mexican jails for being mailed chocolate as far as I can tell, so do what you feel is best, but I have let you know.... Of course, we all know Adam's affection for Starburst jellybeans, Cadbury carmel eggs, and other Easter treats. I have already stocked up on jellybeans this year so that I can send some with every package throughout the year. If interested, you may want to do something similar. If you haven't sent him a package yet and do not know, it is EXTREMELY expensive. I am not advocating that you send him stuff and really, he doesn't NEED anything, but in case you are interested, I wanted to pass the info along.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Snow White pic for SARAH
I hope everyone had an awesome fast Sunday!
This week has flown by which means I'm keeping busy, but its been a little hard lately. It's a little harder to get along with my new comp. He likes using his authority and whatever he says goes so it's something I'm going to have to get used to. It's making me have to learn obedience and humility so I can always listen to his advice no matter how much it sounds like his own opinion. It's been a little hard to find more people to teach and I'm always trying people to talk to from taxi drivers to people off the street, but the key is to work with the members. We are definitely in a growing period and trying to get the support for the leaders of the ward so we can get some firm references.
I'm still doing awesome here enjoying the weather and learning a ton everyday. A lot having to do with planning. I never knew how important it is to have a plan before the mission. (Take note Robbie and the rest of you.)
SHOUT OUTS this week for my Grandma Due and Aunt Lynlee!!! Thank you so much for you handwritten letters! They were one of the highlights of my week!
I wouldn't call my story for this week fun and exciting (I'll let you know when I have a good one of those), but last week we went to the weekly ward sports activity and found a funeral. Funerals here are the same exact day the person dies, because they can't preserve the body for long...a little fun fact for ya. The ward leader asked me and my comp to take part in the service since we were there and so I led the music while my comp gave a talk about the Plan of Salvation. I would have given a talk too but I was only backup if the person who actually had the assignment didn't show up. The funeral service was full of nonmembers though and it was really something to see them all learning about the hope and brightness for the future we have as members of the true church of God. It really got me thinking about how blessed we are to know about God's plan for us so we dont have to be so depressed when something like that happens in our lives. The Gospel blesses us more than we can possibly imagine.
THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Share it with somebody and change their life!
        Elder Shurtliff
More people ride/drive motorcycles to church than cars.
My 1st/original District