Monday, July 29, 2013

Adios Cancun!

Goodbye Cancun
So I know I said I was going to kill Elder Ramirez but...PSYCH ha you never know what happens next in the mission because since Wednesday I have been in another village close to good ol Tizimin, called Valladolid! There were special transfers right after normal transfers! Crazy right?! 
At the Bus Station saying bye to the other elders in Cancun right before my bus leaves!
My new comp is awesome and his name is Elder Terriquez. He has a little less than a month than me in the mission and looks like the guy from the new Spiderman movie, Andrew Garfield, I think his name is...ANYWHO we are doing awesome together because we kinda share the same goofy sense of humor. 
A pic I just barely took with Elder Terriquez!
Our area isn't really the greatest right now, but we are going to have a baptism this Thursday! WOOT! I am going to have to see whats going on with my old investigators in Cancun from Elder Ramirez. I always leave right before the long awaited baptism! Ha all well its all for the best.

I hope everybody had the best Pioneer day! Go pioneers! Woot! Read a section from Doctrine and Covenants this week! I'm reading it for me first time in Spanish. AMAZINGLY AWESOME.
Have a good week everyone!

       Elder Adam Shurtliff

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas!

This week flew right by!
So transfers were yesterday and I'm staying here to kill Elder Ramirez! Ha it's his last transfer so he will be my third kill. Even though we didn't change there were a lot of changes in the mission. 3 elders from our zone in Cancun went to be zone leaders in other places and one is opening the new zone that includes my mission hometown, Tizimin! I miss that little town! I'm excited to help our area grow though because it needs a lot of work. We have been working a lot with the less active members to get some references going and because of that 15 of them went to church yesterday! woohoo! It was sweet! This week our goal is to get one sister married and baptized on the same day. We can do it! Her name is Alondra and she has gone to church every week since we got here, but has been waiting to get married. She's so ready and I am so excited!

Do you know what else I'm excited for?! MY BEST FRIEND SARAH HENRETTY IS GOING TO SERVE A MISSION IN FRANCE!!! Hahaha Super Duper Mega SHOUT OUT in the history of SHOUT OUTS for her! I'm so proud of her!

I hope everyone is having an awesome summer! Love one another and read your Book of Mormon!

       Elder Shurtliff

P.S. Here's the mission address!

Mision Mexico Cancun
SM 038 M9 LT 1
CP. 77507
We went to a buffet

We went to a buffet

Elder Maurer goes to the new zone in Tizimin!

Touristy pic!

Touristy pic!
"No to drugs. Yes to Jesus."


My apologies for not getting this post up last week. I was, and still am, traveling. ~monique
I got so excited last week to tell you all about my birthday that I forgot about to tell you about my new mission president and the new stuff that's been going on. President Kirkham is so much different than President Salinas. President Salinas was loving and all but he showed it with a lot of discipline like a dad; and President Kirkham shows his love more outwardly. It's so funny when he asks us what the rules are haha. Right now there are some new rules like no more backpacks (we look like students) and we can wear sandals if we want ha. What's really awesome is that we will be getting IPADS! It will take about a year though #bummer. 

SHOUT OUT for Sister Henretty! It's her Birthday today!

I hope you all have an awesome week and share the Gospel with somebody in some way.

       Elder Shurtliff
My favorite fruta Yucateca, the Guanabana!

My second fiesta...STRAWBERRIES

Monday, July 8, 2013


New Cancun mission president and wife - President Kirkham
I'm not really that tall. I'm standing on a step.
So between having our second Book of Mormon play and my Birthday; this week has been pretty sweet! Our play about Nephi and the Brass Plates went really well for the little time we had to practice (a hour before) ha and of course all of the investigators and members who came said they loved it. We didn't end up having our baptism with Claudia this week because we couldn't get her married in time before she leaves on vacation tomorrow for a month. BUMMER! We did all we could and she is more than ready, but I guess it just wasn't God's will. 
Our district
In brighter news, an awesome member family and all of the elders from my ward threw me the best birthday fiesta last night. We watched a recording of the play, they sang me Mexican birthday songs, let me wear the birthday sombrero, got me 2 CAKES with my name on them!, and did a Mexican tradition where they told me to take a big bite of the cake and then they shoved my face into it! Haha. I think I'm going to steal that tradition because it's awesome. Long story short, it was a day to remember for sure.

SHOUT OUTS for the tons of awesome people who sent be birthday emails! That means YOU: Mom, dad, Travis, Aaron, Aunt Mel, Aunt Lyn, SARAH, Rose, Maren, Tommy, and my missionary buddies Elders Mitch and Landon! And a SPECIAL MEGA AWESOME SHOUTOUT for my mom, Grandma Due, and The Fultons (Aunt Jill, Sam, and Tommy) for my birthday packages! I have enough candy and sugar for the whole village of Tizimin! THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!

I hope you like the pics this week and for those who didn't send me anything, for my present you can READ YOUR SCRIPTURES ha just kidding. EVERYBODY SHOULD READ THEIR SCRIPTURES! Ha I love you all!

       The Happiest Elder in the World!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


First off I want to explain the pics I sent last week haha. So the reason I'm hanging my comp by his tie is because he got THE LETTER. It's what all missionaries get when they are about to "die" haha. Oh and the donut game pics were from our awesome Father's Day activity our ward had. And we found ROOT BEER!!! Ha I missed it so much! mmmmmmmmm
So I didn't get to share how awesome the special Church broadcast was last Sunday. I LOVED IT. The videos of the family sharing the gospel all in their own little ways and of youth preparing for their missions literally gave me goose bumps haha. It feels like just yesterday!
So me and Elder Ramirez' companionship are doing better and better every week, even if we still argue over the dumbest things. I just need to remember that we are on the same team and fighting literally takes the Spirit away which is necessary for our purpose. The mission officially split last Thursday so I'M STAYIN IN CANCUN. I'm really happy about that because everyone says it's way hot in Merida, but i feel like I'm missing out a little because everyone says the scenery is awesome (you even get to see the ocean in some places!). I haven't met President Kirkham yet but hes coming to our baptism this week! Then, after that, all of the missionaries from our ward are doing another play from the Book of Mormon. I'm going to be SAM! Woohoo! Im STOKED. We are also finally getting one of our awesome investigators married tomorrow so she can get baptized! Her name is Claudia and she has the funnest and most nontraditional family ever. I have loved seeing her testimony grow as she made the changes she needed to so she can have peace in her Spirit and home. 

SHOUT OUTS for The Shurtliff family for sending me the best missionary card! HA ARMOUR OF GOD. It is now on the wall in front of my desk. AND its my best friends BIRTHDAY on Friday!!! THE SARAH HENRETTY is turning 21 years of age.

 I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a good 4th! I'll be here trying to explain the American joy of blowing things up. haha Find a Liahona and read a conference talk today ok?!

       Elder Adam Shurtliff