Wednesday, July 3, 2013


First off I want to explain the pics I sent last week haha. So the reason I'm hanging my comp by his tie is because he got THE LETTER. It's what all missionaries get when they are about to "die" haha. Oh and the donut game pics were from our awesome Father's Day activity our ward had. And we found ROOT BEER!!! Ha I missed it so much! mmmmmmmmm
So I didn't get to share how awesome the special Church broadcast was last Sunday. I LOVED IT. The videos of the family sharing the gospel all in their own little ways and of youth preparing for their missions literally gave me goose bumps haha. It feels like just yesterday!
So me and Elder Ramirez' companionship are doing better and better every week, even if we still argue over the dumbest things. I just need to remember that we are on the same team and fighting literally takes the Spirit away which is necessary for our purpose. The mission officially split last Thursday so I'M STAYIN IN CANCUN. I'm really happy about that because everyone says it's way hot in Merida, but i feel like I'm missing out a little because everyone says the scenery is awesome (you even get to see the ocean in some places!). I haven't met President Kirkham yet but hes coming to our baptism this week! Then, after that, all of the missionaries from our ward are doing another play from the Book of Mormon. I'm going to be SAM! Woohoo! Im STOKED. We are also finally getting one of our awesome investigators married tomorrow so she can get baptized! Her name is Claudia and she has the funnest and most nontraditional family ever. I have loved seeing her testimony grow as she made the changes she needed to so she can have peace in her Spirit and home. 

SHOUT OUTS for The Shurtliff family for sending me the best missionary card! HA ARMOUR OF GOD. It is now on the wall in front of my desk. AND its my best friends BIRTHDAY on Friday!!! THE SARAH HENRETTY is turning 21 years of age.

 I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a good 4th! I'll be here trying to explain the American joy of blowing things up. haha Find a Liahona and read a conference talk today ok?!

       Elder Adam Shurtliff

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