Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hola Amigos!

Father's Day Ward Activity

Our district, June 2013
So I have like no time this week, but I'll have you know I'm doing awesome and I have so much to share but I'll have to save it for next week.

I love you all! Read the Book of Mormon!!!

       Elder Adam Shurtliff
I think the 2 elders with their ties up, are getting ready to go home maybe.

Monday, June 17, 2013


So this week was pretty great even though me and my comp were sick together. Ha I could barely talk so he pretty much did all the talking for three days, but I'm thinkin it helped us improve our unity a ton, believe it or not. 
I hope everyone had the best Father's Day weekend even the people who aren't dads. Everyone thinks I look old enough to be a dad here for some reason. Oh here's a fun fact. A slang word for cool here is Padre (father) so I have the most Padre padre in the world!
It was so great to be able to have a baptism for a little girl we have been teaching from a less active family. We thought she was 9 but the day of her baptism we found out she was only 8 so technically it doesn't count for us haha. Shes the cutest little girl though and their family is one of the nicest I have taught.

Baptism! with the sweetest little girl in Mexico!

My Mexican Mickey
Me and my comp are teaching lots of couples right now and so I feel like a couples' therapist ha. It's the best teaching families though. It's been fun seeing a lot of tourists at our Sacrament meetings lately. It's so weird to talk to them in English!
I have so much more to tell, but I'm all out of time.

SHOUT OUT to THE SARAH HENRETTY who sent me the best little gift. A mickey mouse pin with the Mexican flag! YOU DA BEST!

I love you all and that's why I keep telling you to read your Book of Mormon! Do it and thank me later!

       Elder Shurtliff

Monday, June 10, 2013

¡Buenos dias mis amigos!

Wakeboarding in the streets. We've gotten a little bit of rain this week.

The closest we can get to the beach - Puerto Cancun
 This week was a little crazy because of all the rain and transfers. Me and my comp are staying here so its officially the first time I have the same comp for more than one transfer! Ha not to rain on my own parade, but we aren't doing so great right now. I have learned a whole lot though that its so much easier to let go the little things that bug you than to let them bottle up inside until you explode haha. Forgiving others for their dumb mistakes is a lot more important than being right I guess you could say. Pride is of the devil my friends haha those are my words of wisdom for the week and THEY ARE TRUE.

One funny thing that happened was that I got an ingrown toenail and I could barely walk so I worked all day with one normal shoe and a sandal with a sock on hahaha. To make it more ridiculous I put a plastic bag around it to keep it from getting wet.

My district leader from Riverton!
So the highlight of the week was when President Salinas came to see us in person for the last time and gave us the best life advice about always praying and if you dont want to pray watch out cause Satan is close! He told us to go to the temple frequently and to always pay our tithing and a generous fast offering and we will always have a happy family. DEAL! Ha and the best part is that he gave every single one of the missionaries in our zone a Priesthood blessing. How cool is that?! #christlikemoment Just like in the Book of Mormon! 

SHOUT OUTS for Tommy Gilmore and THE Sarah Henretty for getting ready for their missions! Oh and one for the best dad in the world, Vint Gary Shurtliff because next week is Fathers Day!!! Love ya pops!

For Uncle Paul
Thank you so much everyone for all the love and support! 

        Elder Shurtliff

Monday, June 3, 2013


So this week was pretty sweet! I have now experienced the flooding of the crazy Cancun rain. The streets are rivers, no joke, and of course it happened on the day of our first baptism haha. The people who got baptized weren't the only ones who were soaking wet in the church. It felt awesome to see Leticia (the sister Elder Ramirez and I taught) full of joy after her baptism. She also asked me to confirm her too which was the cherry on top of it all ha. She was always happy before, but now you can see almost a glow about her. Now I'm even more motivated to find others who can find the same happiness.

Now that we aren't allowed to knock doors, me and my comp are getting more and more lessons with members present, which is exciting. Members love to share the Gospel but they just need a little push I guess you can say ha. I also can see a lot more progress with the unity in my companionship. The Spirit is so much stronger when you focus on the needs of the person and listen.
SHOUT OUT to Miss Sarah Henretty who is officially starting her mission papers! Everyone pray for her to survive her dentist appointment with a hypnotist.
Thank you so much everybody for all your love and support!
Find somebody to share the Gospel with today! Trust me it gets easier with practice.
        Elder Adam Shurtliff