Monday, June 3, 2013


So this week was pretty sweet! I have now experienced the flooding of the crazy Cancun rain. The streets are rivers, no joke, and of course it happened on the day of our first baptism haha. The people who got baptized weren't the only ones who were soaking wet in the church. It felt awesome to see Leticia (the sister Elder Ramirez and I taught) full of joy after her baptism. She also asked me to confirm her too which was the cherry on top of it all ha. She was always happy before, but now you can see almost a glow about her. Now I'm even more motivated to find others who can find the same happiness.

Now that we aren't allowed to knock doors, me and my comp are getting more and more lessons with members present, which is exciting. Members love to share the Gospel but they just need a little push I guess you can say ha. I also can see a lot more progress with the unity in my companionship. The Spirit is so much stronger when you focus on the needs of the person and listen.
SHOUT OUT to Miss Sarah Henretty who is officially starting her mission papers! Everyone pray for her to survive her dentist appointment with a hypnotist.
Thank you so much everybody for all your love and support!
Find somebody to share the Gospel with today! Trust me it gets easier with practice.
        Elder Adam Shurtliff

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