Saturday, September 29, 2012


I made it and I'm doing awesome! Saturdays are our P-days so that's the only time we can write letters and e-mail during laundry time.

The MTC has every second of the day planned for you so it feels like it's going fast at the time, but the days get long so it's kinda weird. I just have to get used to it though. They say once you get to Sunday it goes by really fast. My district is the best! Everyone is really different, but we get along really well and I have a chill down to Earth companion named Elder Vrska. 

It's kinda tough to always have him around 24/7. We jumped right into our Spanish and have a learned a ton already like how to pray and share our testimonies. We taught our "investigator" for the first time yesterday just in Spanish and I was really nervous, but afterwards I felt really good about it and now I think it's not going to be so bad. I surprise myself all the time how much I know. Our district truly has the gift of tongues, because there's no way we would do this well without it. 

We have have an awesome teacher that only speaks English if we have no idea whatsoever he's saying. And even then he does tons of funky charades so that we get it on our own. I don't know why, but everything is funnier and more spiritual in Spanish. Our teacher says that investigators in Mexico will feel the Spirit more even when we struggle with the Spanish because they have to really pay attention in order to understand. So either way we are going to do awesome no matter how well we can speak! I hope everyone is doing good without me, only 727 more days and you will have your Adam back! Ha ha. Remember to pray every morning and night and read your scriptures! Adios!
-Elder Shurtliff