Monday, July 8, 2013


New Cancun mission president and wife - President Kirkham
I'm not really that tall. I'm standing on a step.
So between having our second Book of Mormon play and my Birthday; this week has been pretty sweet! Our play about Nephi and the Brass Plates went really well for the little time we had to practice (a hour before) ha and of course all of the investigators and members who came said they loved it. We didn't end up having our baptism with Claudia this week because we couldn't get her married in time before she leaves on vacation tomorrow for a month. BUMMER! We did all we could and she is more than ready, but I guess it just wasn't God's will. 
Our district
In brighter news, an awesome member family and all of the elders from my ward threw me the best birthday fiesta last night. We watched a recording of the play, they sang me Mexican birthday songs, let me wear the birthday sombrero, got me 2 CAKES with my name on them!, and did a Mexican tradition where they told me to take a big bite of the cake and then they shoved my face into it! Haha. I think I'm going to steal that tradition because it's awesome. Long story short, it was a day to remember for sure.

SHOUT OUTS for the tons of awesome people who sent be birthday emails! That means YOU: Mom, dad, Travis, Aaron, Aunt Mel, Aunt Lyn, SARAH, Rose, Maren, Tommy, and my missionary buddies Elders Mitch and Landon! And a SPECIAL MEGA AWESOME SHOUTOUT for my mom, Grandma Due, and The Fultons (Aunt Jill, Sam, and Tommy) for my birthday packages! I have enough candy and sugar for the whole village of Tizimin! THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!

I hope you like the pics this week and for those who didn't send me anything, for my present you can READ YOUR SCRIPTURES ha just kidding. EVERYBODY SHOULD READ THEIR SCRIPTURES! Ha I love you all!

       The Happiest Elder in the World!


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