Monday, July 22, 2013


My apologies for not getting this post up last week. I was, and still am, traveling. ~monique
I got so excited last week to tell you all about my birthday that I forgot about to tell you about my new mission president and the new stuff that's been going on. President Kirkham is so much different than President Salinas. President Salinas was loving and all but he showed it with a lot of discipline like a dad; and President Kirkham shows his love more outwardly. It's so funny when he asks us what the rules are haha. Right now there are some new rules like no more backpacks (we look like students) and we can wear sandals if we want ha. What's really awesome is that we will be getting IPADS! It will take about a year though #bummer. 

SHOUT OUT for Sister Henretty! It's her Birthday today!

I hope you all have an awesome week and share the Gospel with somebody in some way.

       Elder Shurtliff
My favorite fruta Yucateca, the Guanabana!

My second fiesta...STRAWBERRIES

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