Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Snow White pic for SARAH
I hope everyone had an awesome fast Sunday!
This week has flown by which means I'm keeping busy, but its been a little hard lately. It's a little harder to get along with my new comp. He likes using his authority and whatever he says goes so it's something I'm going to have to get used to. It's making me have to learn obedience and humility so I can always listen to his advice no matter how much it sounds like his own opinion. It's been a little hard to find more people to teach and I'm always trying people to talk to from taxi drivers to people off the street, but the key is to work with the members. We are definitely in a growing period and trying to get the support for the leaders of the ward so we can get some firm references.
I'm still doing awesome here enjoying the weather and learning a ton everyday. A lot having to do with planning. I never knew how important it is to have a plan before the mission. (Take note Robbie and the rest of you.)
SHOUT OUTS this week for my Grandma Due and Aunt Lynlee!!! Thank you so much for you handwritten letters! They were one of the highlights of my week!
I wouldn't call my story for this week fun and exciting (I'll let you know when I have a good one of those), but last week we went to the weekly ward sports activity and found a funeral. Funerals here are the same exact day the person dies, because they can't preserve the body for long...a little fun fact for ya. The ward leader asked me and my comp to take part in the service since we were there and so I led the music while my comp gave a talk about the Plan of Salvation. I would have given a talk too but I was only backup if the person who actually had the assignment didn't show up. The funeral service was full of nonmembers though and it was really something to see them all learning about the hope and brightness for the future we have as members of the true church of God. It really got me thinking about how blessed we are to know about God's plan for us so we dont have to be so depressed when something like that happens in our lives. The Gospel blesses us more than we can possibly imagine.
THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Share it with somebody and change their life!
        Elder Shurtliff
More people ride/drive motorcycles to church than cars.
My 1st/original District

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