Monday, March 25, 2013

Hola Amigos!

 The trio is really different and is hard at times to make sure everybody agrees on planning and gets the same amount of time to teach in the lessons, but I'm learning to be more humble and flexible because of it. Elder Reyes has the same amount of time in the mission as me, but has been in the field longer because he was only in the MTC for three weeks so we are a couple of noobs when Elder Cromwell leaves next week. Its going to be challenging, but I'm up for it and ready to have a comp that might not leave me so soon this time ha.

So last night we had an Easter activity for our ward that us missionaries planned which was awesome because we painted eggs, had an Easter egg hunt, and taught about the Atonement. I was pretty much in charge of it too, being part of my training, and it was a lot of work to plan and get everything going. It went really well and I could tell everyone liked learning about our American traditions for Easter and to learn about all the symbolism of the eggs and stuff. I really feel like everyone felt the Spirit. We can always learn more about the Atonement and remember the sacrifice our Savior Jesus Christ made for us so we can return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father and our families forever.
I'll send pics of the activity next week!
SHOUT OUT for Miss Sarahenretty for her two letters this week! YOU DA BEST
BIG NEWS I can now write more than just family by email now so send me all your email addresses! (

Mom here: I will add Adam’s email address to the sidebar as soon as I remember his login so I can make the change. Feel free to send him emails. He has specified that he doesn’t have email addresses for Lyn, Mitch, Landon, Natalie, and Tommy.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1.  He can only check email on Mondays. He has a very limited amount of time on the computer and with the email he receives, he will likely only get to scan quickly and make a very quick reply. Because of this, he may miss things that you say and won’t adequately respond to your questions. (Speaking from experience on this one.)
  2. Snail mail and dearelders are still needed. He will be able to review/refer to these hard copy letters throughout the week. The will lift him when he’s having a hard day and may provide needed inspiration.
And Sarah, you’d better watch out, he warns that your email may explode.

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