Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I dedicate this blog to the best dog in the world, Rascal, who passed away this week. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!
 Like I say every week, this week flew! My comp had to go to a couple meetings this week so I got to do divisions with another American that has the same amount of experience as me. For a couple days we were running around Mexico, trying to find houses, and speak Spanish by ourselves. Ha. By the end of the day we were dead tired and proud of ourselves so we ordered a pizza. I love teaching with other missionaries so I can see their unique teaching styles and we can learn from each other.
 So they don't have most of the American holidays here, but I have fun trying to explain all of our American traditions to the members here ha. 

Things were going really well with me and my comp until we had our biggest fight yet, which felt like it came out of nowhere. Ha. Let's just say we let out a lot of steam at each other, but now that its over I think we are as good as ever. Funny how things work out sometimes. Today we got a new addition to our companionship too since transfers were yesterday. Elder Reyes from D.F. Mexico is our new comp and so we are going to be in a trio until Hermano C. leaves. Ha. It's going to be different, but I'm up for it.

SHOUT OUTS for my mom and THE Sarah Henretty because I finally got their amazing package which made all of the other missionaries really jealous. Actually...you made them break one of the Ten Commandments soooo HOW COULD YOU?! Haha Thank you! ALSO, SHOUT OUT for Mr. Tommy Gilmore for sending me a letter that I got this week! Woohoo! Thanks bud! I'm trying my best to write everyone back as soon as I can. OH and for my brother Aaron for writing me his first email.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog! I included some pics on request from my dad so everyone could see more views of Mexico like one of the many Tortillerias and little stores around the city.
          Elder Adam Shurtliff

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