Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This week has been awesome because it really gave me a smack in the face of how hard I have to work right now.


Elder Oliver and I really have to work hard this week because our ward is in a crucial state right now. President just gave me a pep talk that made me realize even more how important we are in helping our ward AND STAKE stay alive. Leaders are literally counting on us to get the work going and working together with the members do what the Lord has visioned for Cancun. We had a meeting yesterday with a Seventy that got me pumped and I know that I'm going to work the hardest I have ever worked in my whole mission. Please keep the prayers coming to me, Elder Oliver, and the Maya ward! Gracias! 
Last week we got to go to Tulum where theres lots of ancient Mayan temples. We learned a lot about the dangers of idols and got to see the  beach! Best day ever!

SHOUT OUT TO THE FULTON FAMILY! They sent me a package with pretty much my top favorite things. jellybeans, reeses puffs and peanut butter! GRACIAS I love the ties and drawings too. I love you all!!!

Me and Elder Oh
       Elder Shurtliff

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