Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Mexico lost the World Cup and so its literally the end of the world ha.
This week was awesome! Our investigators with dates are progressing and its way exciting to see the members getting involved themselves without us telling them. 
My mom said that I forgot to tell what happened with Rocio. Its a miracle! A few weeks ago (a few days before should have had to go home) she found a job thanks to her friend, and a room to rent even though she literally didn't have anything. She asked if they could wait for the down payment and the were totally ok with it. How great is God?! Rocio loves to read and now she's already in Alma while she reads the church history book, Our Heritage. Shes AMAZING. She pretty much teaches herself ha. She has now stopped smoking for good and I'm so excited for her baptism.

This week we were walking by our house and we see a lady pushing her little broken down bug while her husband steers down the street. I run up to help her without thinking and start pushing with her. Then a member from another ward stops and helps us. We had to charge the battery but we didn't have the cables. I was like "wait here! There's a member who lives on this street" So me and my comp go running and get the cables. But then after charging it three times the car doesn't start. So we start pushing his car all the way to his house! While I was pushing I was talking to the husband half out of breathe about the Book of Mormon and he was super interested. So we get his address and go back after a few days and him and his wife accepted to read the Book of Mormon! Pretty sweet huh?!

MOTHER OF ALL SHOUT OUTS! FELIZ CUMPLANOS TO THE USA!!! I read 1 Nephi 13 today and the Americas are literally the promised lands! AND FELIZ CUMPLEANOS to the best Sister Missionary in the land! Souer SARAHenretty!!! 

I love you all and hope you eat enough hotdogs and cheeseburgers with bacon for me!!

       Elder Shurtliff

Last week we went to go help a family paint, but i guess you have to take off the old paint first. So we did it with style!

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