Monday, July 21, 2014


Hola! This week was SWEET! Its kind of weird though because our numbers of lessons were so great, but I feel really accomplished because of all of the miracles we are seeing. Each day at church now the members are amazed to see how many people are in our Gospel Principles class. We had to switch rooms! Tons of less actives are coming back AND STAYING which is the best part.
Hopefully the last ingrown toenail of my mission.
Anyways, so ya Rocio´s baptism was AWESOME. The same day of her baptismal interview a less active member scared us half to death because she said that she saw Rocio smoking in the park a couple days before. I was like, "There;s no way!" So we explained to the zone leaders what we heard and told them to make sure that she is 100 percent ready to make that sacred covenant with God. During the interview I was so worried, but she came out clean! Hip hip hooray! We got to the church early to fill the baptismal font and we found Rocio there with the Relief Society making tamales for after the baptism haha. We crammed as many members as we could into the little room and had a real spiritual service. I got to share my testimony, the messages were perfect, and the young women sang a special number for her. Then afterwards she shared her own testimony and you could see and feel how much at peace she was. She keeps on saying that it doesn't even feel like she walks because it's like she's floating across the floor haha. The funny thing is that we just found another investigator just as prepared as Rocio to receive the Gospel who was there at the baptism for his first time at church. Next one up! Ha I love doing the Lord's work.
Rocio's baptism.
So the biggest news of the day is...President called us this morning and told me to pack my bags because I'm going to Cozumel! Its a small island close to Cancun which is awesome but I really didn't want to leave Maya. I guess the Lord still has a lot planned for me before I go. Let's see what my new companion, the spirit, and I can do!

SUPER SHOUT OUT to my mom! She was smart and sent me a package with a missionary that was heading to Cancun! AND it had my birthday package with it from Sister Sarah Henretty! Thank you so much everyone for all the awesome cards and treats. I loved it!

Have a good week fellow workers in Zion! I love you all!

       Elder Shurtliff
Surprise package from Sarah and mom!

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