Monday, June 23, 2014


Its been summertime forever now but now its official. Today was transfers but President never called us. It was driving me crazy! All day yesterday I was telling people that we might be changed but we don't know, and it turns out that I'm staying here in Maya with Elder Oliver until I die! haha I'm really glad that I get to stay with this awesome ward. We still have a lot of work to do though.
So Rocio is doing really good. Her addicted body won't let her quit smoking without some shaking and nose bleeds but she's keeping in there. She has her baptism date for July 9th. Christopher (the twelve year old military man) got baptized and confirmed this weekend! It's awesome to see his family excited and active again. Of course there's always a crazy story that makes it memory that I'll never forget. It turns out that the pump didn't work and we had hardly any water so we ended up running to the outside faucet to fill up buckets of water and running to dump them in the font. It was like Disney's Fantasia in the church! Ha finally someone suggests to use the hose that I didn't know that existed and we connected it to the faucet so that it would go through the church and into the font. We still had to wait a while and I ended up baptizing Christopher in shin high water, but it was a really nice baptism.
Christopher's baptism

We had the Area President Elder de Hoyos visit us this week and he talked a TON about the Book of Mormon. Read it! I was in the middle of reading the New Testament, but it looks like I'm starting from 1 Nephi again whoo hoo!! He said lots of other stuff but I don't have lots of time to type it all up. Just know that God knows what He's doing when he calls such great men to be his special witnesses. It was AWESOME.

SHOUT OUTS to my Uncle Art last week and my Aunt Wendy this week because they have finished another year on the Earth. CONGRATS! I LOVE YOU!!!


       Elder Shurtliff

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