Monday, August 4, 2014

I Love My Little Island!

La Isla!
This week the same thing happened here in Cozumel as it did in Maya. We dropped a ton of investigators that weren't progressing and found some new committed and excited ones. We met with a ton of the ward members, because they really weren't too united. I fasted for the ward and the same day I saw the amazing results. The members were coming together bringing people to church and teaching with us. Yesterday's Sacrament Meeting was so spiritual and just like in Maya our Gospel Principles class doubled its size. Amazing things are happening here! We are working so that there's a stake here when I come back to visit.
PIZZA! to celebrate Elder Salinas. He's going home on Wednesday!
I made breakfast omelettes for the district
In Sacrament meeting one of our new investigators that's 17 years old got up and bore his testimony! It was so awesome! His family is golden!

That's all the time I got. Sorry for my tiny update, but I love you all!
Read the scriptures and live them!

Elder Shurtliff

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