Monday, March 24, 2014


Spring has started here in good ol Cancun and I'm starting to miss "winter". Ha I love the sun though just not the ridiculous heat.
This week I got a huge surprise! On Wednesday night our zone leaders called us and told us that my comp Elder N. and an Elder named Elder O. are going to trade areas. SPECIAL TRANSFERS. I don't want to talk bad about the situation but all I know is that Elder O. hasn't had one transfer that hasn't been just a normal transfer. The night I heard I was going to be companions with him I knelt down and pleaded with God that He would help me be a good comp so that we wouldn't have any problems. What happened next? He's here now, and so far so good! I should be really nervous, but I'm not! I'm entirely at peace because I'm leaving it all to the Lord. Now I'm listening better and treating people with a lot more charity. 
Me and Elder O.
Yesterday was the ward split. It turns out that the ward boundaries have already been this way for ten years but people just got confused ha. The sacrament meeting was one of the most spiritual that I have attended. I already love this ward! They had the ward youth choir and everything! It was pretty sad too because an awesome investigator (the one we found who cuts our hair) is going to another ward now. It's all for the best!
Conference is coming!!!

Juan 14:21 Read the Bible!

       Elder Shurtliff

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