Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy March everybody!!!

These are Tortas Goyos Sandwiches. They are HUGE. I can't believe I ate it all.

My comp, the ward, and I are doing awesome and we got our first confirmation this week! I say confirmation and not baptism for a reason ha its kinda a long story. When we got here the first week we found one of the old investigators and found out that he got baptized even without the elders here ha. Pretty cool huh? His name is Emmanuel and was a drummer of a rock band about 8 years ago. He decided to start out new here in Cancun even though he didn't know anybody. How crazy is that? Going to another state without a place to go or anyone to see. Long story short he found the elders and even ended up renting in the house they used to live in. Now he lives there with his wife, kids, his wife's brother and sister and law. He didn't go to the church to get confirmed until now though because of family problems. He's so awesome though! Satan is just there attacking him strong. We were talking about what he needs to have more faith and he thought for a sec and said, "Ok, I'm going to fast." He called his brother in law (who's an active priesthood holder who breakdances) from the other room and asked him to fast with him. Then we gave him a blessing and yesterday he was confirmed!

SHOUT OUT TO MY BIG BROTHER AARON. He completed a year yesterday! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!! I love you!!!

Read this scripture! Luke 6:27-35 its pretty much all you need to know.
Dogs either hate or LOVE my comp haha

       Elder Shurtliff

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