Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Walking Feet and Hard Work

An awesome family that I left in my last area (Naranjo Family)

I’m doing just awesome here in my new area! Elder Nevarez and I make a great team. He can talk for hours about the weather with somebody, always with a smile on his face and the face of the person he’s talking to. Ha. We have a couple of investigators that we had to go and pick up, but mostly we met with tons of members all week. 
This week has surprised me a ton. I have opened two areas before this one and the first weeks were super hard and full of walking and let downs. This first week here in Maya was full of walking for sure, but I still loved it! Sure it was hard, but I have lots of faith that this ward is going to grow a ton. The members are way unified and excited to work. I can’t believe how many active members there are that are newly baptized. 
This says it all
I’m still the senor companion and the district leader of my zone leaders and another area that’s a little village kinda far away. The funny thing is that Elder Hernandez is in that area, haha. So the ward is awesome because they have a little tiny church, but they fill it up. They are all way friendly and funny. After ward council yesterday the Relief Society president’s husband gave us sandwiches and brownies...BROWNIES! I miss them sooooo much haha it was soooo good! It’s just like home here!
Best Package Ever!

SUPER DUPER GINORMOUS SHOUT OUTs for the following: Kirk & Julie Phillips! The best parents ever! The best grandmas ever! Aunt Lyn and everyone else that loves and supports the work of Salvation! We have the best boss ever! He loves us so much! THANK YOU AMIGOS!!!!

Have an awesome week and do a good turn daily!

       Elder Shurtliff

Making wishes.

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  1. Glad we could be of great help. This will come up as Justin, but its really Julie and Kirk. Enjoy the muddie buddies. I had to pack them so I wouldn't eat them before we got there.