Monday, February 10, 2014

Feliz Dia de AMOR

Valentine's Day is this week! It was the first holiday I had here in Mexico!

 I feel really good about where Elder Brewer and I are heading. When we started together we did awesome, but then something happened that made us crash. Now that we have started over with the fundamentals we are more unified and we have better lessons with the Spirit. We still have a ton to work on, but I'm proud of the progress we have achieved. I'm seeing more and more blessings for the simple little things that we are doing to get better. We worked hard to get 40 contacts in the street and we got it pretty much at the last second ha.
Sharing the Joy- A Mexican's first bite of a grilled cheese

Makin milkshakes with black bananas

I have learned that it's so much more effective for people to listen if you give them quick and powerful parts of your testimony and how it can help them in their own lives. Once they start staring off into space you know you have talked too much. We are hoping that one couple can get married on Valentine's Day. It's going to be a miracle because the husband going to get divorced just two days before ha. Transfers are next week and I hope I stay here or train someone. There are like 12 sisters coming and only 4 elders. What's going on?!
This week an old inactive lady finally went to church after a long time. She has like 3 handicapped sons and daughters who are already old and that she has to take care of. We went to go see here a couple days after she went to church and I saw one of her handicapped daughters walking a little. I was like, "Oh I didn't know she could walk because she's always in a wheelchair." The inactive lady was like, "She just started walking this morning!" The miracle of the story, GO TO CHURCH. We also had a new family come to church yesterday and everyone was so nice to them that I didn't have to show them to their classes or anything. Awesome!

SHOUT OUTS for what I'm thinking are the last of my Christmas cards ha. Thank you sooooooo much Family Jolley and Sister Henretty for the inspiring letters! I love you all!
Have a good Valentine's Day this week everyone! If everything goes as planned Ill be giving the gift of love to a newly married couple. AND THEN off to their baptisms!
       Elder Shurtliff

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