Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's a Mardi Gras Miracle!

Ha I would say that it's a Christmas Miracle but Mardi Gras was a lot closer. I finally got my lost Christmas package!!! God answers prayers! Thanks Shurtliff family! I got to share all my goodies with all my zone. It was the best!

I'm sorry all you Americans lost an hour. I guess daylight saving time is different here because we gained an hour back in November. Elder Nevarez and I are getting better at teaching together. I'm trying to teach him that you don't have to talk a ton to get the message across. It's easy to talk someone. We need to actually listen and teach them. Nothing is going to come from just joyful conversations. We haven't been doing very well in talking with people on the street, but we have found some new investigators that way. The ward isn't getting us very many referrals though. It's weird how they are so dedicated, but at the same time they say they don't know anyone.

We are spending tons of time teaching the members so hopefully it will all pay off. Right now we are receiving special training to share family history work. I have never realized how important it is! It's like helping people get baptized and go to the temple that already have had all the lessons and are literally waiting to make covenants with Heavenly Father! It's a huge and important part of the Work of Salvation.

And now for the mission drama. So when I left my last area they actually closed it. Well they actually gave it to the other missionaries in my old ward which made their area HUGE. After two weeks they ended up having two other missionaries to pick it up again. I pray that my old investigators are in good hands. In other news, my stake is changing the ward boundaries this week which means that some awesome members that I already love here are going to other wards including the bishop. We all just need to obey and everything will work out in the end. Good things are happening here!

I love you all! Do your family history work!
       Elder Shurtliff

p.s. I promise pics next week.

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