Monday, March 17, 2014

Ello America! Happy SAINT PATRICKS DAY!

I conferred the Melchizedek Priesthood to one of my good friends yesterday. It was sweet!
Nope nobody knows about it here ha and I lent the only green tie I have to an Elder forever ago and still haven't gotten it back ha. Yup we are still spending tons of time teaching the members, but this weekend we had stake conference which helped a ton. Elder Lopez (Area Seventy in Mexico) came and taught us that it's way easier to think of references when you think about specific groups of people one at a time. Like for example, coworkers, neighbors that you haven't talked to about the church, friends from school, etc. We got a big list of names thanks to this!

Mormon green jello is universal!
Elder Lopez focused on talking about the importance of members being converted to Christ and not the church. What's the difference? You can have lots of callings and the church and still yell at your family members. True disciples of Christ take advantage of the Atonement EVERYDAY. He taught so clearly so that even the non-members and children could understand the importance of repenting daily. He also talked about how members shouldn't teach non-members about the church, because then they are going to be way closed off. To open them up all we need to do is talk generally about God and then share your beliefs and your testimony. Then they will ask you more. It works!
Ancient Mayan graffiti drawings of Nephi writing upon the gold plates
SHOUT OUT for Souer Sarah! I got a postcard from her from San Francisco sent from the MTC ha. MUCHAS GRACIAS

Have a good week everyone! Alma 29:9

                         Elder Shurtliff

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