Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We had our P-day on Tuesday this week since we are going to have to be in our houses by 7 pm because of all the drunks and crazy kids with fireworks. And then we can't leave tomorrow until 4 in the afternoon haha crazy Mexico.
I loved talking to everyone on Christmas Day! There really isn't anything to do for New Years (for missionaries) ha we can't touch fireworks, but the kids in front of our house light off really loud bombs pretty much until 12 at night. 
I hope everyone had the best Christmas ever! The members fed us soooooo good ha and we did some caroling from house to house. The faces of our investigators and members were priceless haha I don't think they really do caroling here.
The sister that was going to get baptized this week has some personal problems to work out and says she needs time. We have tried so hard to help her know that if we just look for God's will, everything will work out. Pray hard for her! Her name is Abigail. Transfers are Monday! I don't really want Elder Hernandez to go but the odds say that he will probably be going since he has been here all of his mission (7 months). He knows the area so well and it's HUGE! 

Yesterday morning we had a special meeting where our mission President got us spiritually prepared to be able to meet the expectations that the Lord has for our mission. We have to now more than ever talk with EVERYONE, always finding more people to teach and never leave somebody without teaching them a gospel principle, and a bunch of other awesome stuff. It humbled me a ton because I have a whole lot to improve on but now I'm pumped! This week we found a huge awesome family and it was all thanks to talking to a couple youngsters on the street! Ha What are every ones New Years resolutions?! I'm going to be more careful not to talk or refer to movies or TV this year. It's so hard! The tradition here is to make a big doll made of clothes of your old self and then burn it on New Years. I might have to adopt that tradition haha.

I love you all!

Elder Shurtliff

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