Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hola everybody! This week was super crazy because I did a bunch of emergency companion exchanges with my district partly because we had to go buy stuff to fix up the house and partly to clean the baptism font. Surprisingly it gets really dirty! Ha so here's the story of my fastest baptism ever. We got the referral last week for a 18 year old girl named Mileydi (me lady) who already had all the lessons from being taught already for a year or so. We found her, she went to church with us, and my comp and an elder in my district had a lesson with her that week and she told them she wanted to get baptized that Saturday because she's moving to another state haha. So we had the fastest planned baptism ever which was awesome and on Sunday she sent us a message to tell us she was locked in her house so she can't get to the confirmation. WHAT?! I called her and told her to say the most faithful prayer ever so that the landlord comes to let her out or she finds the key or something. We get to church and Elder Hernandez and I go to a empty classroom to pray for a miracle. We had the Sacrament and she still wasn't there. My comp and I went to the bathroom and another Elder calls us and told us she showed up! She was confirmed and right after I went to sit with her during the closing hymn and asked her how she did it. She said she did what I told her and said a prayer and 10 minutes later the landlord sent her a message saying that they were coming back. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH FAITH.

SHOUT OUT to My Aunt Lyn! Her birthday is today!!! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season! Hasta la proxima semana amigos!

       Elder Shurtliff

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