Monday, August 26, 2013

Como Estan Amigos?!

Valladolid - How I love you!
This week has flown by way fast. It was a week full of rain, which kinda made it hard on our appointments with members present. When it rains here everybody pretty much goes into hibernation mode haha. Elder Terriquez and I have been working really hard though. We are starting to make more goals and more importantly we are reviewing our progress and changing what we need to so we are more successful. I think that's what I tend to do a lot. I make goals and get all excited to follow them through, but then forget about them little by little. Set goals AND review your progress everybody! I also learned this week how powerful prayer can be. I have seen the blessings again and again thanks to faithful prayer not just in the morning and night, but in every moment I need some help from my Heavenly Father. Which is a ton by the way!
The biggest pot of corn EVER
So ya Elder Terriquez and I are getting Arcadia ready for her baptism this Thursday WOOT. We just had a lesson when our member that speaks Maya couldn't make it and so we tried our best to teach with simple words so that she understood. I felt the Spirit so strong when I saw the look on her face as I bore my simple testimony about going to church. She's the best! Me and Elder Terriquez adopted her as our little Mayan Grandma.
Yesterday was also Stake Conference so I got to go back to Tizimin to see all the members again and my converts that I was teaching, but didn't get to see get baptized because I got transferred to Cancun! I was sooooooo happy to see them! It was like when Ammon saw the sons of Mosiah again haha. It was the best.
My first family of my mission!
Luis Angel - one of my converts in Tizimin
SHOUT OUTS for my Mom and stepdad, Ken, who are celebrating two years together this weekend! Also my brother Robbie is doing awesome in football! Woohoo! AND Miss Kenzie got an awesome job in St. George! Congrats!!! I'm stoked for you all!

I love you all! Have an awesome week and remember to do your good turn daily #BOYSCOUTPRIDE

       Elder Adam Shurtliff

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