Monday, August 12, 2013


Handing out Books of Mormon
This week has gone by way too fast! Elder Terriquez and I are working hard as always, treading through the rain and heat. It rains so much here and I always pray that we are in a lesson so that when it does rain so that our books don't get drenched. We are having a little trouble getting investigators to church because it's a lot harder to have daily lessons here which really helps them keep focused on keeping their commitments. There has been a lot of changes too, like the days we plan and of our district meetings. We now start working at 6am on P days instead of going to district meeting and then only teaching one lesson the whole day. More Family Home Evenings! WOOT!
I make the BEST tortillas!
 SHOUT OUTS! For my pops who sent me an awesome package full of music, art, preach my gospels, and COTTON CANDY.
At the museum
The best part of the museum

Ha. It was a little more like rock candy when it got to me, but still so sweet! My grandma Shurtliff also sent me the best birthday card! THANK YOU!!! I love you all! AND My stepbrother Kammin Avery is going to the MTC soon! Spread the word buddy!

That's all for now brothers and sisters! Have an awesome week and remember to have your family prayers!

       Elder Shurtliff
Our district

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