Monday, May 6, 2013

Hola Americanos!

A good view of my area
I'm doing really, really good here in Cancun with my new comp getting to know our new ward. Elder Ramirez is pretty cool. He's from DF (Distrito Federal or Mexico City), like Elder Gutierrez, and is one of those people that always says things that make me laugh for no reason. He was actually a hardcore rocker before the mission with long hair and everything and so ya you can guess how he is from that. He has like 4 months left and so I'm thinking I might "kill him" too. He would be my third ha so you can call me an assassin.
Elder Ramirez
The area is really nice compared to Tizimin and all the members are excited to have missionaries again after 4 months. The area was closed just because sometimes the mission president feels like its a good idea to close it, I guess so that when it opens again there will be a lot of work to do. There's no real big reason I don't think. It's weird to be in a big ward with two other pairs of missionaries again like in Chicago. I'm still getting used to having so many people and cars around me. Ha Tizimin was a lot different and I'm going to miss the peace, but I'm excited to see how things go here in Cancun. I'm really not sure if this means I'm going to stay in the Cancun mission because there are two transfers still before the mission split (July 1 I think).
My first fish in Cancun that wasn't half bad   
SHOUT OUTS for my little bro Robbie this Sunday!!!!!!! I'll get to see him that day too because I'm going to skype my mom for Mothers Day! Perfect right?! Also my fellow missionary friend Mitch Hussey will be finishing a year this week (how they say it in Spanish). HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Everyone stay safe and say your prayers!
       Elder Adam Shurtliff

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