Monday, May 13, 2013


Another week flew down in Cancun city! Its as hot as ever and I'm as red and sweaty as ever too.

So just in case some of you were confused, I'm not in a foursome. I just have one comp, but in the ward that I'm in there's 3 pairs of missionaries including me and Elder Ramirez. I'm grateful to only have one comp too, because it was a lot harder.

Where I wash my laundry
We are still getting to know the ward so we don't have a lot of support right now, but we just have to work harder in inviting them to teach lessons with us. They are all really nice and are willing to help. We just need to talk to them and plan it.

Our first baptism here is lined up for next Saturday so I'm excited for that. Its been a while ha.

Something noteworthy that happened yesterday was when we were walking to an appointment and a man from inside his house yells "Elder! Elder!" I was like, "Where is that coming from?" Ha but he invited us in and his house was just a little room with lots of old dusty books including a basket of LDS literature with about an inch of dust. He tells us he's an ex-luchador (Mexican wrestler) as he points at these old pictures on his wall with him in his mask and cape and everything. Then out of nowhere he shows us his fake leg. Whoa! ha didn't see that one coming. He was baptized 6 years ago and we are going to start visiting him to get him motivated to return to the church. To be continued...
Why do they have a puke sign? @Costco

SHOUTOUT to my big bro Travis who is completing a year this Sunday! ¡FELIZ
CUMPLEANOS A TI! Your present is in the mail.

Everybody have a good week and read your Book of Mormon! And then write me a Dear Elder! Haha CUIDENSE!

       Elder Shurtliff

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