Monday, April 15, 2013


This week has been really busy like the last, but I'm lovin' it.
Elder Reyes and I are doing awesome! We are getting a ton of new investigators that are mostly references from members and family of less active members. Yesterday we had our first three investigators in church for the first time in about a month so I'm feeling energized and ready to work hard for these people who really want to learn about the restored Gospel. Now that we have lots of new people to teach the problem now is finding time to teach them all. It's been hard for us to not get carried away in lessons and go overtime so that we dont arrive late to our next appointment. It's especially hard when people are feeling the spirit and speaking from their hearts and you have to wrap it up without cutting them off, but I'm thinking it will come with practice.
Last night we had a pretty sweet family home evening. We brought a piñata (only in Mexico) and filled it with Candy and pictures of Christ. Everybody (even the old sisters) had fun breaking it open and after we shared a message about the Atonement. We asked how many of them realized that the pictures of Christ fell on the ground until after they gathered the candy. We explained how our Savior suffered for every single one of us so that we can have joy in this life. I felt like everyone learned more about the power of the Atonement and are for sure going to remember the crazy missionaries who related a piñata to the Gospel haha. It was also really cool to do it at night outside.

 No news on the misión split except its going to be in July. President Salinas got called as a Seventy of Mexico though which is pretty cool and makes me feel lucky to have him as a misión president right now. Elder Reyes is pretty chill. He understands a lot of English and likes a lot of the same music I do. The thing is, that its hard for him to stop singing songs other than hymns ha. He's from D.F. like Elder Gutiérrez and has the same amount of time on the misión as me.
WELL thats all for now!
SHOUT OUT for everyone who gave me my HUGE Easter package full of jellybeans and pretty much everything I love! (foodwise) haha YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Also thank you everyone who's writing me emails! Keep em comin'!
        Elder Shurtliff

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