Monday, April 8, 2013


This one is going to be really short, but I hope everyone had the best conference weekend and got pumped up by the pure Word of God. I know I did!
I had a lot of favorites, but I loved a lot of the talks from the Saturday morning session like Elder Ballard's and Elder Eyring's. I also loved President Monson's and Kristofferson's. It was cool to see the trend of topics like Obedience and Standing Firm in the Light of Christ and His Gospel. Conference goes by so fast as a missionary! I feel like the people in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi who were so sad when Jesús said he was going to go when President Monson gave his last talk.
Happy Birthday Melissa and Gaven! I hope you both had the best birthdays ever!
Thank you so much to the Shurtliff family who sent me the best Easter card and to Brother and Sister Henretty who gave me an awesome little package full of Easter candy like STARBURST JELLYBEANS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Nicole Wills also sent me a pretty sweet letter which I was surprised to get and a big SHOUT OUT to Robbie because I always get compliments when I wear the tie he sent me. Also THANK YOU Jill Shurtliff for all the choose the right wristbands. Everyone loves them and wears them 24/7.
Thank you so much everyone for all your prayers, love, and support!
        Elder Adam Shurtliff

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