Monday, September 16, 2013

¡¡¡¡¡VIVA MEXICO!!!!

Today is the Independance Day of Mexico! I'm missing out on the festivities though because they only have events going at night. It's a bummer, but I'll get over it. ha I'll try to grab a pic with a big flag or something. Sorry no pics this week! I've been working too hard I guess ha.
We actually have a lot going in Chemax (little village in my area) and we keep finding new people that want to be baptized everytime we go! Ha I want to train my son there, but it would be hard to open up a new area.
The biggest highlight this week was that Elder Johnson (Seventy and Presidente of the Area of Mexico) made the whole mission feel like the people of King Benjamin. Ha we really have changed the fundamentals of how we teach thanks to him reminding us how people not of our Church don't think the same way we do. Like when we say "God" they imagine a spirit of Jesus. Now we are making sure everyone understands the Godhead and what it really takes to be baptized and endure to the end. That last part is most important. There will be no more converts going inactive on my watch!
Shout out this week for two awesome family members of mine! It was the birthday of my late Grandpa LaDue the 12th and of my cousin Stephanie the 13th. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!
I hope everyone is getting ready for conference in a couple weeks! I can't believe its already time again! I want to invite everyone to read this months New Era that talks about how important the Prophets and Apostles are TODAY. Follow them and don't go astray.
       Elder Shurtliff

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