Friday, October 12, 2012

MTC, Tres Semana

Hola everyone!

This last week has been really tiring, but soooooo great. The Provo Temple was really fun to go to with my district. We did initiatories which I wasn't really used to, but it was so peaceful.

 General Conference of course was awesome! It was my favorite conference probably because it was the first time I really listened to the whole thing. It was cool watching it in the big conference center with all the rest of  the missionaries. We were told to have a couple of questions that we wanted answered before and mine got answered easy thanks to Elder Holland's talk about truly being converted to Christ. No wonder he's my favorite apostle! Throughout the whole conference I was getting goose bumps which I like to call "Ghost Bumps" haha I loved it.
My Wall of Wizzum full of quotes from conference
My whole desk
We also had Chad Lewis (played football for BYU and the Eagles) come and talk to us which was awesome. Not to mention THE ONE AND ONLY David A. Bednar (another one of my favorites) came to talk to us on Tuesday about how to get the most out of General Conference. It was crazy awesome!

I'm doing just as good as always. The Spanish is coming really fast and I'm always so grateful for my awesome teachers and district. Our first investigator we taught turned out to be our second teacher and so now we are being taught by someone we were supposed to think was a real investigator that only spoke Spanish. It was so weird at first, but I love it now.
Saying goodbye to my zone leaders
Saying goodbye to a missionary going to New Jersey
Elder Fullmer's glasses look so much better on me (SARAH)
We also did are first visit to the TRC yesterday where we taught volunteers that are already members in Spanish. It was really fun because there was absolutely no pressure if we messed up. It taught us to be that relaxed and keep that same attitude in all of our lessons. That's the thing we really focused on this week. Just acting like yourself and getting to know them so they will trust you.

Well I'm probably pushing my computer time so that's all for now. Thanks for all your letters! ADIOS!

       Elder Shurtliff
Our nightly SWOLE session
Our district's chips and salsa "campfire"

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  1. I love Bednar too. Next prophet right there. Only could have been better if he brought tacos, since it was Taco Tuesday. BTW we are eating tacos religiously every Tuesday in your honor.