Friday, October 19, 2012

Buenos Dias Everyone!

This week has been pretty much nothing compared to last week, but still really busy. The Spanish is still coming along really well and I'm getting more comfortable with it so I don't just memorize phrases instead of teaching by the Spirit. It's hard planning a lesson and then know that it never goes according to plan, because you never know what the investigator is going to say and what you feel what you need to teach them. They have really been getting on us about planning lately which is definitely not my style. I usually never plan everything out, but now I see how important it is to plan, what to study, and how is what I'm learning going to help my investigators. Our first district leader (Elder Albert) just left to the MTC in Peru for his mission in Cuzco, Peru (Emperor's New Groove) and we had a Elder from our district (Elder Livingston) get transferred to Portland, Oregon English speaking. So we just have eight guys in our district now.
Thanks everyone for your letters! It's kindof ridiculously funny how desperate missionaries are for letters. It seriously makes our day so much better and I like to make my District jealous of how much love I'm getting so send as much as you can! And I also want to hear from you of course!
I like to think me and my companion are getting better at working together. It's hard, but it's just something I have to learn from. A surprisingly hard thing to do is just to LOVE EVERYBODY no matter what they do just like our big brother (JesuCristo) does. Cause if I can't love my companion then I can't love the people I'm trying to teach, right?
I don't know why everyone keeps asking about the food here, but it's pretty good for being a cafeteria buffet. A lot of Elders in my district are gaining weight like crazy, but I try to keep it healthy. Just a couple days ago we played basketball for gym and we weighed ourselves before and after and I lost a pound! haha oh and if you didn't already know that I choke on food sometimes (no big deal) and it happened for the first time in the cafeteria and my friend Elder Neff tried to to do the Heimlich on me while I was still sitting even though I told them I was good. Usually I would just run to the bathroom and wait til it passes, but I couldn't exactly do that with my companion chained to my hip so I just had to sit there and wait until I was good. Haha don't worry about me though. I only shared that story cause it was funny not traumatizing.
Anyways...I miss you all! Enjoy the nice cool autumn weather! It's getting pretty chilly.
       Elder Shurtliff

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