Monday, April 7, 2014


I hope everyone had as great of a spirtual vacation as I did! I loved it all, but even more on Saturday, because by the end of the first session I have already found answers for all of my questions! I have no doubt in my heart that these are inspired men and women called of God. I really loved Richard G. Scott's talk because it really helped me see how much more important it is to help people convert themselves to Christ instead of having someone else drag them to Christ. And then the Seventy who talked right after about communication was hitting me so strong. I thought the whole conference was a huge message that God that it doesn't matter how much we are if we aren't personally converted. We can't help anyone else be converted until we are! It all comes from faith, love, and obedience. Its so simple it just might work! Ha I loved it all.
My District
@ GC
Cleaning up the new house
Elder Oliver and I are doing awesome after finally settling into our house. We started to look for former investigators this week from a couple years ago and we found a few families! One freaks my companion out, but he went to two sessions this weekend so that's awesome. The new sister missionaries in our ward and district are brand new! One only has two months and the other is getting trained. This is the closest I have been to being a dad because they call me ten times a day asking me things haha. They are really awesome though. One is from California and looks Mexican and the other is from Costa Rica. They both speak perfect English! 

Shout out! For my last Christmas gift! THANK YOU SISTER SARAH FOR THE AWESOME TIES!!! AND JELLYBEANS!!!!!!!

       Elder Shurtliff

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  1. Hi Elder Shurtliff! I just wanted say hi! I've really enjoyed following your mission blog. I'm glad you are doing well. I can't believe you only have five months left! Time sure goes by fast! I hope the rest of your mission goes well. Sister Wendy Anderson has had her ups and downs but she is hanging in there. It hasn't been easy but she would never trade it for anything. Keep up the great work!
    Lori Anderson