Monday, April 21, 2014


I don't remember what I told everybody last year but here in Mexico I have no idea why, but in church they literally haven't mentioned Easter. I think it was a Easter miracle though that the lesson we just happened to be on in our Gospel Principles class was the Atonement ha. The only traditions for Easter here is what the Catholic church does to recreate the walk Christ made holding his cross. It's like a parade they do in the street I think, but I have never seen it. So to celebrate I just talked about the Atonement everywhere I went this week and yesterday night I finished off my last Starburst jellybeans NO!!! I also had some luck and had a nice bowl of fish soup for my Easter feast haha...yum. At least it was spicy!
Of course the best part about this week was testifying simply to every single person the miracle of the Atonement and how awesome and perfect it is that Christ broke the bands of death so that we can live forever with our Heavenly Father again. He did it for EVERYONE.
Octopus spaghetti - At least I can say I tried it!
SHOUT OUT for my comp because he's sick. If everyone could pray for Elder Oliver that would be awesome. THANK YOU!!
Just a sample of Mexican rebellion ha
(Don't Throw Trash)
I hope everyone enjoys the cool Spring weather and recognizes the wonderful world our Heavenly Father gave us. Count your blessings!

       Elder Shurtliff

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