Monday, November 18, 2013


Sorry i have like no time BUT this week was awesome! I saw tons of little miracles!
Gabriel is doing good because yesterday we got him to go into Primary for his first time and so Elder Hernandez and I spent the second hour of church with the kids which was fun. He's really opening up  thanks to the other kids. So Saturday night we go to contact a referral and guess who we find? Jose! The drunk guy who bought us food the other day. We had no idea where he lived. He let us in and was drunk of course. His wife was crying and so you know what that means. It was the weirdest lesson ever, because the whole time he talked like the whole world was out to get him. Long story short he gave us yogurt and said we couldn't have the closing prayer until we drank it. Yikes! So I blessed his home with all my heart so that no harm would come upon his wife and we ran home. To be continued...
Thats all for now!

       Elder Shurtliff

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