Monday, January 28, 2013


Getting the laundry done
 How is everybody doing?! Surviving the freezing winter? Its as hot as ever here, but this week has went by really fast.
I think I'm getting used to the schedule and everything, but the hard thing for me right now is learning the streets and stuff of the city so I can actually know where I'm going. If you know anything about me, I'm terrible with directions and so especially in Mexico where there are hardly any street signs it´s definitely a challenge. I gotta get it down though so I will be able to survive when my comp leaves me next month.

Me and Elder Guty are doing awesome! We are teaching each other a ton and are growing as a companionship so we can teach by the Spirit in unity. Its awesome to see our ward grow every week as we get the members more involved with missionary work and helping us out with our lessons so our new converts aren't just future less actives like a lot of the people here

We are going to get our first baptisms this Saturday which is exciting especially for me because it will be the first one for me where I'm actually doing the baptizing. OH YA! Its definitely giving me motivation to keep working hard.

I know I said I would tell more about our investigators this week but if I'm going to upload pics this week I gotta do that instead, so next week I promise!

Shout out to SARAHENRETTY and Nat Cat because I got their Dear Elders a couple days ago! Ha. One of Sarah´s was from way back when I was first entering the MTC but it was fun to read. THANK YOU!

OH and if you haven't read the book, Our Search for Happiness by M. Russel Ballard, you should. Nuff Said!


Con Amor,
              Elder Adam Shurtliff

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