Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey everyone!

I'm doing awesome here in Tizimin and working hard everyday even so hard that it's even difficult to stay awake during that last lesson of the day. Ha. Hopefully that's just me getting used to all the walking and sun. It's funny to hear about the cold weather you having. Here we have had some rainy days with 75-80 degree weather and the people here are acting like their freezing all bundled up in jackets. Ha.

My comp is Elder Gutierrez from Mexico City. He is a really hard worker even though he is in his last weeks. I think he's excited to go home, but he doesn't like telling people how many more months he as left for some reason. Ya you don´t have to worry about us slacking. He's teaching me a ton that gets me out of my comfort zone like talking with everyone and being persistant.

Tizimin is small compared to cities in the US, but it's still big to me because we have to walk pretty much everywhere. Let's just say that I´m missing my bike right about now. The houses here range from alright looking one story houses to little shacks in a dirt lot. It's really incredible to see how little these people have, but they are still way loving and kind. The church is normal sized and pretty nice, but it's different because the chapel, offices, and classrooms are completely different buildings and the basketball court is out back. We only have one tiny ward meeting in it and we were happy to see a whole 40 people went last week haha. Me and my comp even had to give talks our first Sunday and werent asked til we got there that morning. Ha. It was definitely a memory. My goal is to make it into a 3 ward church filled up to the back with people. There's enough members for that, but there are just so many inactive members.

Well I hope everyone is avoiding freezing their butts off while I sweat mine off!

Hasta Luego!

Con Amor,
Elder Adam Shurtliff

No pictures this week. I'm a little sad because Adam didn't have time to write me this week either, and I'm hoping that it isn't the start of a trend. It's good to hear that he is doing well and loving the work though. Have a great week!

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