Monday, December 31, 2012


So since I didn't get to e-mail last week because of Christmas and everything I'll just give a quick recap of pretty much the highlights of these last couple weeks. I got my first baptism! Ha well kindof. Me and my comp got to organize the Camacho's baptism and get them ready with the interview and everything while the missionaries who found them got to baptize them. It's kindof sad that I won't be able to see through all the new investigators me and Elder Adam's are getting right now. 

In other news me and my comp caught a bunny! Haha we were actually going to eat it ourselves (since Elder Adams wants to kill and eat everything he sees), but we ended up giving it to an awesome member family who already has a TON of animals.

 My Christmas was AWESOME. Thank you so much everyone who sent stuff! You're TOO KIND. I got tons of food and candy so I'll be gaining some weight pretty soon probably ha. It was so much fun to be able to Skype my family and Sarah too! My mission president is awesome and left it up to us and our judgement for who we can talk to and for how long for our special Christmas call instead of the normal 45 minutes to one house. I am sooooo grateful for that.

 Thanks to our awesome ward we had some marvilloso dinners for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. On Christmas Day we actually had like 12 other missionaries come over to our apartment to open presents and stuff so it really did feel like Christmas with tons of people and wrapping paper 3 ft. deep on the floor. Ha the other day Elder Adams dressed up in a Santa suit and I put on a elf hat and we went over to a investigator's house to surprise them and their family. It was pretty funny.
 We also got to have a Christmas party at the mission home. We swapped ties and ate lots of hot chili. YUM. President Fenn also gave us an awesome message about overcoming trials and know that Christ went through it all so He could help us through everything we will face.
Thank you so much everyone for all of your love and support! SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to the one and only Sarah Henretty because I finally got her letters that she sent a while ago all around the same time. I also got to talk to her and some of her family on Christmas and she's just awesome with all the motivation she gives me. YOU DA BEST
That's all for now! If you're sad, read the Book of Mormon. If you're happy...READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! Trust me on this one.
        Elder Adam Shurtliff

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