Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Tiempo

HOLA EVERYONE! How's it going?!
This week has been a lot harder than the first week, but it went by pretty fast. I've been really loving our awesome ward members. They are feeding us a ton and I'm loving it. No Green meals yet though! 
Elder Adams and I are doing pretty well with our 8 investigators. We are really trying to learn all of their specific individual needs so we can give them exactly what they need to be happy and learn more about how they can come unto Christ and it's hard work. No joke. The thing that's really a challenge to do here is to help them realize how important it is to keep commitments because they mostly progress very slowly. We are doing awesome though and try to stay away from tracking by looking for former investigators and asking for referrals instead. 
Oh and what's cool is that there are more than enough Spanish people here so I get my share of both speaking and trying to understand Spanish. I'll get it down before I get to Mexico hopefully though! By the way I went to go see the Mexican consulate this morning and they almost have it figured out. I might be out of here as early as January 7th but we will see. 

I have only done one service "project" so far. It was just me and the Elder I was on exchanges with, digging roots out for this elderly investigator lady, but I felt pretty manly wielding an axe in the rain. The weather has been pretty chill...literally. It's pretty cold, but still no snow, just some rain.
Well I would love to share all the individual awesome stories of all my investigators and little miracle stories, but my time is about up.
Oh ya and shout out to Glen Reber because he is the only one I have gotten mail from since I got to Chicago haha.
       Elder Shurtliff
p.s. no pics this week sorry

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