Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy First Cold Week in Mexico!

Awesome week! Elder Brewer and I are working hard. I like teaching him the area and investigators. It gives me a chance to talk about how awesome everybody and everything is. We are getting a ton of help from the ward. I love working with members! They are literally your best friends. Like last week we got a couple more lessons with members present than the goal of excellence. Oh ya! 
The big miracle of the week was that Abigail got baptized! On Tuesday we had an awesome lesson outside in the cold (it was actually cold this week) and the spirit must of warmed her up because she told us she wanted to be baptized on her birthday. I was like, "ok when is it?" and she told us, "the twelfth," and I was like, "That's this week!" Ha she got the best gift ever for her birthday. The gift of the Holy Ghost!

SHOUT OUT for my first Christmas package! I love you mom!

Helaman 15:7-10
I hope everyone has the best week ever!
Cultural fact for the week: There is a little store on pretty much every corner full of snacks like chips, cookies, and drinks. Its like a 7-Eleven minus the slurpees!

       Elder Shurtliff

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