Friday, November 9, 2012

¡Viva Mexico!

For Aunt Mel and Cuz Toni

Well surprise! This week went by even faster than last week!

Let's see here...last weeks temple trip probably has been my favorite so far. It was just so chill and peaceful and I just felt...joyful is probably the word. So dang happy! ha, I'm really hoping that we get to go to the Merida Temple a lot because I'm getting to love that little break from the world. Maybe we will get to do it on our P-days since I heard the current Mission President doesn't like missionaries going to the Mayan Temples because of the skanky dressed tourists. Why go to the Mayan temple when you can go to Heavenly Father's temple which is pretty much heaven on Earth, am I right?!

So the devotionals have been awesome as usual. The one on Tuesday was Elder Zwick of the Seventy who talked about what it means by being an actual disciple of Christ. Every time I go to those things it makes me feel kinda bad about myself, but in the best way possible! Ha every week is a mind-blowing spiritual humbling experience that makes me feel like I still have a whole lot to work on. It's hard to explain, but it's the best and I'm going to miss seeing a General Authority every week. By the way, it will only be about three  more weeks until I'm baptizing Mexicans in the ocean! That's the plan and I'll let you know how it goes.
Everyone stay safe and enjoy this nice weather while it lasts! Hopefully when you read this it won't be a blizzard outside.

THE CHURCH IS TRUE and read the Book of Mormon TODAY,
                                                             Elder Adam Shurtliff

PS. I get my first haircut at the MTC today. Wish me luck!
PPS.  I keep on forgetting to tell everybody the drama of our district. So about four weeks ago one of the Elders in our district got reassigned to Portland, Oregon and one was only here for three weeks because he was "face training" which is when you go to the MTC in Provo for three weeks and then you go to the MTC in whatever country you are called to. So he's in the MTC in Peru right now (for his mission in Cuzco) but his companion (Elder Aiono) still hasn't gotten his visa so he's stuck here with us until he gets it or gets reassigned to somewhere state-side. And then there were four sisters in our zone who got called to Spain but were here for like 9 weeks so they got reassigned to California, Idaho, and Arizona. I'm trying not to worry about my visa, but that kind of gets me thinking that it could happen to me. Pray for me! They say that no news is good news. 
Also, we were playing basketball in gym a couple weeks ago and Elder Aiono pretty much broke Elder Fullmer's wrist so now he is going to have to stay here for a couple months longer than we are, if we leave on time. BUMMER. Don't worry about me, I'll try not to get into any fights. So there's my MTC district gossip for ya! Adios!

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