Friday, November 16, 2012

Hola muchachos!

How is everyone liking the snow?! Haha. I knew when I was writing that last entry that it was going to come down before I could even tell you to enjoy the nice fall weather. I hope you all enjoyed the snow pictures. We had a lot of fun with it when it first came, but now we are already pretty much over it.

Well I have had an awesome week here as always! We celebrated one of my roommates birthday and smushed everyone from our zone in our room to surprise him. That reminds me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE. I have to say that in here because I couldn't send my card til today so you will be getting it a little late.

The temple on Friday was surprisingly busy even with the snow, so we only got to do three initiatory names, but it was really good and relaxing.

This week I have learned a ton about some stuff that sounds obvious, but is hard once you actually do it like just being relaxed and confident when sharing the Gospel. I wish everyone could see how nervous us missionaries get when just practicing first contacts. Its pretty funny.

The Devotionals have been really good. On Sunday we heard Elder ??? was on campus again, but he didn't speak unfortunately. On Tuesday we had Elder Foster for the Seventy talk about the Law of Consecration and we watched the movie of the John Tanner story which was amazingly awesome. If you haven't heard of it you better check it out.

We had the oldest district leave this week so it looks like we are the seniors now teaching all the newbies how to do stuff which makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing enough that I can give some advice. It was fun hosting the new missionaries on Wednesday. There are so many Sisters here now! Its absolutely crazy and a little weird I'm not going to lie.

One of our teachers, Hermano Stoddard, left us early for a vacation which stinks because he's our favorite but we might actually be able to see him again because...wait for it...WE DIDN'T GET OUR VISAS! I would be under exaggerating to say that it really stinks and we were all really bummed, but it looks like our Heavenly Father has a different plan for us and we should have faith and patience and know that He knows the best for us. We are trying to keep our heads up so keep us in your prayers if you could. We need all the help we can get!

I miss you all! Remember to find ways to serve others and read the Book of Mormon!
       Elder Shurtliff

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  1. Sorry about the visa bud, but way to keep a positive attitude!!!
    Love YA